Should you smile in a headshot?

Should you smile in a headshot?

Professional headshots can have smiles with teeth, or without teeth. Or, perhaps just a hint of a smile. Your headshot can have a smile, no smile, or the expression, that makes you feel comfortable.

It really depends on the purpose of the photo and the energy, or vibe, that you want to convey. There really are no rules!

That said, one thing is for sure, I won't be taking headshots with a forced, fake, or disingenuous expressions.

If there is going to be a smile in your professional headshot, it will be a real smile.

How to choose a headshot photographer?

Consider factors such as, 1) how long have they been a photographer? 2) do they have a studio? 3) are they specifically a headshot photographer? I invite you to schedule a session in my studio, where I specialize in professional headshots.

Feel free to call/text phone call so that I can explain the process and answer any of your questions. It will be quick and efficient. 705 774 8560

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