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I am often asked, “How many headshots do I need?"

That depends on:

  1. What do you want to communicate?
  2. Where will you use the headshot?

What do you want to communicate in your professional headshot?

An image of you can evoke a range of emotions, such as confidence, warmth, approachability, humour, friendly, angry, happy, sad, perplexed, and the list goes on. Generally, "approachability" comes from the mouth/lips (e.g., are you smiling? Slight grin?) and "confidence" comes from eyes.

different emotions from headshots

Where do you want to use your professional headshot?

Here are some of the best uses for your professional headshots:

    Communication tools

    User ID on your cell phone
    Text messaging APP
    Email (profiles)

    peter istvan gmail

    Social media

    LinkedIn profile photo

    peter istvan linked profile photo

    LinkedIn cover image
    Instagram profile

    peter istvan intagram profile photo
    Facebook profile

    peter istvan facebook image

    Online meeting profiles

    Google meets


    Corporate websites
    Personal websites
    Business websites
    Personal branding
    “About me” section
    Marketing materials
    Email signatures
    Posters, Billboards, signs.
    Business cards
    Networking sites (e.g., BNI, Chamber of Commerce)

    Actor images, for portfolios

    aubrety rand actor headshot

    Author images, for books

    carol newall author image


    Biographies for speaking engagements, meetings.
    Board of Directors
    Profiles for dating sites
    Guest blogs
    Press releases
    Memberships cards
    Licenses (e.g., fishing, hunting, library)
    Fitness trackers (e.g., Strava, Garmin)
    peter istvan garmin profile


      Depending on what message(s) you want to convey and where you want to use your professional headshot will help you decide if you need one headshot, or more than one.

      Sometimes you don’t know what you like until you see it. During a professional headshot session in my studio, we take a lot of photos, and then sit down together, and you select the image(s) that you want professional retouched. The number of images you select, is entirely up to you. 

      How often should you update your professional headshot?

      Generally every 2-3 years, or if you have significant changes to your looks (e.g., hair changes, weight loss/gain, etc.), or your current headshot is no longer a good fit.

      Your headshot is your image to the world, make it a good one.

      My photo was taken by Robert de Wit

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