What is a headshot?

Headshots are modern, professional portraits, usually digital, which focusses on the person. Professional headshots can be found on social media platforms (e.g., LinkedIn), corporate websites, promotional materials, etc...

What make a good headshot?

In general, a good headshot consists of an authentic genuine expression, good lighting, and usually from the chest-up. Little adjustments can make the difference between a great headshot and an average headshot.


What is the difference between a headshot and a portrait?

Headshots and portraits are a little different. Headshots are typically just the head and shoulders, on a plain background. Portraits usually are full body, decorative backgrounds, and different poses.

What does a headshot cost?

Well, it depends. The cost of the headshot session fee plus images can range from $25 to $1000, or more. View my pricing for Peter Istvan Photography.

Should you smile in a professional headshot?

For sure you can smile, read more about smiling, or not smiling.

How to choose a headshot photographer?

Consider factors such as, 1) how long have they been a photographer? 2) do they have a studio? 3) are they specifically a headshot photographer? I invite you to schedule a session in my studio, where I specialize in professional headshots. Feel free to call/text phone call so that I can explain the process and answer any of your questions. It will be quick and efficient. 705 774 8560


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