When I am not in the studio, I am curious, and below are just a few of the things that keep my interest.

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When I am not in the studio ...

bumble bee flying in front of a honey bee hive
Peter Istvan dress as a beekeeper
I am a beekeeper

I also like taking photos of my honeybees!

"If I fly likes a honeybee, maybe they won't notice me" - says the bumblebee

If you are interested, you can read more about my beekeeping experience

Or, you might find me on a bike

Mountain Biking
Road cycling, co-founder, Pedaling for Parkinson's

Some of my favourite things ...

peter istvan family


mushrooms in Killnarney

Mother Nature

sailing in British Virgin Islands


cup of coffee


trees peter istvan photography


Golfing in Fernie, BC


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