Headshots | Preparation Tips

Preparing for your headshot session

Clothing | Bring outfits that you feel great wearing. Clothes with solid colours and limited patterns are preferred.

    Make up | Keep it simple, natural, and clean.

      Hair | As you normally style/wear it.

        Jewelry | Less is better, as jewelry can be distracting.

          Glasses | If you wear them, bring them, if you have different styles, bring those as well.

            Positioning | You will be guided through some simple positions to capture amazing headshot images.


            General questions about headshots

            What is a headshot?
            Headshots are modern, professional portraits, usually digital, which focusses on the person. Professional headshots can be found on social media platforms (e.g., LinkedIn), corporate websites, promotional materials, etc...

            What makes a good headshot?
            In general, a good headshot consists of an authentic genuine expression, good lighting, and usually from the chest-up. Little adjustments can make the difference between a great headshot and an average headshot.

            What is the difference between a headshot and a portrait?
            Headshots and portraits are a little different. Headshots are typically just the head and shoulders, on a plain background. Portraits usually are full body,  decorative backgrounds, and different poses.

            What does a headshot cost?
            Well, "it depends". The cost of the headshot session fee plus images can range from $25 to $1000, or more.

            Are professional headshots worth it?
            Yes. A professional headshot goes beyond making you “look good” for potential recruiters or employers, it evokes your professional capabilities. Undoubtedly, worth the investment.

            Should you smile in a headshot?
            Professional headshots can have smiles with teeth, or without teeth. Or, perhaps just a hint of a smile. Your headshot can have a smile, no smile, or the expression, that makes you feel comfortable. I won't be taking headshots with a forced, fake, or disingenuous expressions.

            What is a professional headshot?
            Professional headshots are your visual representation to the world. They should be an accurate and authentic portrayal of you. Typically, professional headshots are updated every one to two years.

            Is a selfie a bad headshot?
            We live in a virtual world, your professional headshot represents you, make it a good one. Consider this, if you meet a new person, you might "google" them. If someone "googled" you, what would they see?

            How to choose a headshot photographer?
            Consider factors such as, 1) how long have they been a photographer? 2) do they have a studio? 3) are they specifically a headshot photographer? I invite you to schedule a session in my studio, where I specialize in professional headshots. Feel free to call/text phone call so that I can explain the process and answer any of your questions. It will be quick and efficient. 705 774 8560


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