Composite Group Photos


Most organizations today are looking to include more images on their websites and/or social medial platforms.

Individual photos, background photos, product photos, and the list goes on. Group or team photos, are a great addition, but often very difficult to capture.  

When is the last time you were able to organize a meeting of more than 10 people, in the same room, and it did not take you 1/2 year to organize it? Since the pandemic of 2020, it is even harder, with so many people working virtually

One solution to create a group photo, is using a photography technique, called compositing.

Basically, you take photos of all the people, individually, and then with some relatively simple photo processing, you combine the people into a group photo.

This grid show the individual photos of all the team members that were captured at different times and days, over a period of three months

grid of professional photos


After the last person visited the studio, all the individual photos were combined, in a composite group photo,


group composite photo


Easy! Well, sort of, there may, or may not, have been some technical and editing challenges.

Composite group photos offer some great advantages:

  1. Scheduling - it can be super difficult to arrange schedules for people to show up at the same time and place. If you are the person in charge of coordinating schedules, this can be a headache. Doing a composite, individuals can book their session at the studio at a time and date that works for their schedule, easily, and quickly, online.
  2. Best expression - since lots of images of a person are taken, they can pick the one they like the most (e.g., no more eyes closed).
  3. Background - the example above uses a simple, slightly textured gray background, but really anything can be used, giving endless possibilities.
  4. New people, old people - what if someone leaves your organization, or joins the organization, the day after the photographer leaves? If it is a typical group photo, it is outdated! Problem solved with a composite photo, people can easily be added or removed.

    Professional team photos are a great way to showcase your organization. Having a group composite photo might be your solution.

    Contact Peter, at Peter Istvan Photography, here to ask about group composite photos for your organization or team.


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    December 07, 2021 — Peter Istvan