What if I don't like having my photo taken?

No problem, I understand that most people do not like standing in front of a camera. Good news, I love taking photos.

What I am good at is making people feel comfortable in front of the camera.

I elevate clients from feeling nervous, anxious, or not photogenic, to an empowering headshot experience where they feel comfortable, relaxed, love their images, and excited to share them with their friends and business networks.

How do you prepare for a headshot?

Keep it simple. Read these headshot tips

What are 37 different ways to use a headshot?

Some people just need one headshot, others need more. Check out 37 different ways to use a headshot.

Should I smile in a professional headshot?

For sure you can smile! Read more about smiling, or not.

How do I choose the images that I want to buy?

After our headshot session, we will sit down in front of my computer and select which images you want to buy.

From all the images that I shoot, I do an initial selection, and then together, we go through a selection process of picking the image, or images, that you want to have retouched.

What does "retouching" an image mean?

The goal of retouching a photo is to make it look like, there was actually no retouching done!

Read about my retouching process

When do I receive my images?

Usually, in 5-7 days.

What about Team, Group, or On-Locations photoshoots?

Contact me for team pricing or on-location rates

Do I like music?

Sure do, check out my playlist that I I fire up duing a headshot session.

What are my favourite colour wine gums?

Black. No question. And, I still hold a slight grudge against my Aunt who told me for the longest time, "they taste like black licorice", when I was a little boy.

"Working with Peter, you get more than terrific headshots; you get a fully immersive experience. His studio is cozy, he explains every detail, from changes to the backlighting to the body positions that make the subtle things stand out. A fun and professional experience."
— Chad
balding man with a red beard and glasses
I highly recommend Peter. When you walk into his studio it is welcoming, clean and professional. You sit down with Peter and go over the session. He makes you feel comfortable and you begin taking headshots. Peter walks through how to pose and makes you laugh the whole way through.
— Brittany
professional headshot of young women wearing a black top

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