Towards the end of the year, there have been many posts across social media platforms profiling the best photos of 2021, or the Top Nine photos of 2021, which have been fantastic.  Most are based on the algorithms of the platforms and use metrics such as the most liked, or viewed, or shared, etc.

Algorithms aside, I always find the question - what is your favourite photo - actually very difficult to answer, because it really depends!

It could be a favourite photo because it is:

  1. Technically, perfect, with great lighting and composition
  2.  An authentic image of a person's personality
  3. A rare moment in time
  4. A photo of someone who has passed away
  5. A celebration or significant event
  6. A really good professional headshot
  7. A photo that transforms a person's confidence about themselves
  8. Etc.... the list goes on.

I had the privilege of photographing many clients in 2021 and it is simply impossible to pick my favourite. With each person, there was a different story, reason, vibe, feeling, that together, we were able to capture in a photo.

So, I took a different approach and thought it would be fun to highlight the youngest and oldest client.

Professional Headshot of My Youngest Client

Olivia, was 5 months young.


 professional headshots of a baby

Professional Headshot of My Oldest Client

 Phyllis, was 100 years young

muskoka professional headshot of a women



2021 was a very challenging year because of the continued pandemic. The moments in my studio with clients that booked professional headshot sessions were special, in so many ways. Thank you.


Peter Istvan Photography

P.S For fun, here is very short video of the behind the scenes of a set up of a professional headshot session.

Peter Istvan Photography

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