What is a beekeeping story doing on a site for a professional headshot photographer?


I am a beekeeper.

Next to taking photos of humans, capturing images of the daily activities  of honeybees is very enjoyable.

Summer is the when honeybees are very busy collecting pollen and nectar. The pollen is their protein source and the nectar is their carbohydrate source, which they turn into beautiful, delicious, liquid gold - honey.

Here is just a little bit of information to delve into the fascinating world of honeybees.

Queen Bee | See the honeybee with the blue dot....that is queen bee, which has been marked by a queen breeder. It makes them easier to spot and helps identify which year they were born.

queen honey bee


The queen bee, during summer, can lay up to 1500-2000 eggs a day! Chickens have nothing on honeybees!

 honey bee eggs


Honeybees are extremely efficient and like to keep their homes organized and where they store honey or raise new bees (brood).


honey bee eggs and honey


Being a beekeeper is a rewarding experience, from enjoying delicious honey to learning about the magical and mysterious world of the honeybees.


honeybee in a dandelion


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