Peter, from Peter Istvan Photography was interviewed by Liana Voia, from Multiple Arts. The conversation delves into the basics of beekeeping (e.g., Beekeeping 101, Beekeeping for beginners) and the transformational effect that professional headshot can have on a person's confidence and self-image.

Peter Istvan Photography - A Parry Sound photographer, specializing in professional headshots, I elevate clients from feeling nervous, anxious, or not photogenic, to an empowering headshot experience where they feel comfortable, relaxed, love their images, and excited to share them with their friends and business networks. 

Multiple Arts is non-commercial, with focus on self-directed, lifelong learning. Liana Voia is an arts vlogger based in Orleans (France). She holds a MA in Educational Studies from Concordia University (Montreal, Quebec, Canada). She also studied at the University of Toronto. 


Beekeeping, honey, and honeybees!

photo of a queen been on a frame of honey bees

Peter Istvan as a beekeeper

honeybees with pollen

honeybees approaching a flower

jars of honey

honeybees coming in for a landing

smoker honey bees

Bee wasp honeybee
cooling action of honeybees
honey bees
number of honeybees in a hive

How can you help the beekeeping industry without being a beekeeper?
  1. Plant bee-friendly flowers, Google “Native, bee friendly plants”
  2. Avoid pesticide contamination
  3. Buy local honey
List created by Georgian Bay Biosphere, of native trees, shrubs, and plants that are good for honeybees and pollinators (Northern, Ontario, Canada)
native flowers for honeybees

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