three different headshots of man, man, and women



  • Bring:
    • Several outfits that you feel great wearing and more than you think you need, to provide a variety of options to find the best look
    • Well fitted clothing, because loose or bagging clothing can be distracting
    • Clothes with solid colours and/or limited patterns
    • Shirt with long sleeves (and/or a jacket) are better, to avoid the distraction of your skin below the elbow showing
    • Ties with simple patterns
    • Iron your clothes, please, to help reduce wrinkles
  • Leave at home:
    • Clothes with busy patterns
    • Shirts/tops with deep plunging necklines

However, don’t worry about this too much, basically, bring clothes that you love to wear and/or how you would normally dress for an important meeting in your industry.

Facial Hair

  • Beard – nicely groomed, No beard – clean, freshly shaven
  • Trim any “extra” eyebrow or nose hairs

Make up

  • Keep it simple, natural, and light


  • As you normally style/wear it


  • Less is better, as jewelry can be distracting


  • Bring them, if you have different styles, bring those as well


If you prefer, here is PDF version you can download

Or, watch this 64 second video, and experience a headshot session.


three images of profesisonal headshots, man, women, women