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behind the scenes with Alejandra Underhill


Meet Alejandra Underhill, a compassionate recreation therapist and Brock University graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies in Therapeutic Recreation. With over six years of experience in long-term care, Alejandra specializes in assisting individuals with dementia, Alzheimer's, and disabilities. Through her patient and enthusiastic approach, she crafts person-first program plans tailored to individuals' leisure needs, aiming to enhance their quality of life through meaningful engagement and activities.

As the founder of Alejandra's Recreation Therapy Services (ARTS), she offers 1:1 programs for seniors, providing stimulation, socialization, and respite for caregivers, all while fostering a warm and supportive environment focused on holistic well-being. Whether it's engaging in arts, exercise, or daily living activities, Alejandra is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of those she serves.


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You have a Bachelor's Degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies in Therapeutic Recreation, what lead you to doing this program?

I have always been an athletic person. Also, I have volunteered with Habitat for Humanity as well. While completing the program, it made me realize that I enjoy being creative, coordinating and using my skills to bring joy to others by using recreation and leisure.

How do you tailor recreation therapy programs to accommodate the diverse needs and interests of your clients?

I have a meet and greet with clients and with their families present if possible.

By doing this, it helps me to establish a rapport with clients and families in order to make sure that I am able to tailor recreation programs to meet their needs.

I offer a person-centred care in order to focus on what each clients interests are and what they want to learn. Also, I offer respite services and also tailor my services for  caregivers who are in need of break from looking after their loved one.

What are some common misconceptions people have about recreation therapy, and how do you address these misconceptions in your practice?

Some common misconceptions that people have that it’s an easy profession and that it is just playing games. People don’t understand the benefits of recreation therapy such as increasing hand eye coordination skills, decreases loneliness, combats boredom and increases mood when participating in different recreation programs. There are so many benefits to your quality of life overall.  I address these misconceptions by showing people how I am making a positive difference in their loved ones quality of life. Families notice more that their loved one is in a better mood and the family knows that I am there making sure their loved one in safe hands.

Can you describe a memorable client success story or moment that reaffirmed your commitment to your business's mission?

I have a client who was not in the best mood and was not quite herself. She was not interested in partaking in any recreation programs which was odd. I was trying to to think of something else that would help in boosting her mood.  I ended giving her a mini spa afternoon. After, she was very relaxed, happy and thankful. She thanked me very much and told me she felt much better. It made me feel so good that I had boosted her mood that afternoon. I was able to enhance her quality of life in the moment.


ali with residents


How do you define success?

Success as doing something that I love doing and knowing I am making a positive difference in others lives.

What is your relationship with failure?

Failure is needed in order to become a better at whatever you are doing in your life. Without failure, we wouldn’t know that there could be something better out  there for you or that you can be even be better than you are currently.

What is one thing people would never guess about you?

I had a full tennis scholarship in the Florida for two years from 2010-2012. I was NJCAA Women’s National Doubles Finalist, MVP 2010-2011, FCSAA State Champion and All-American.


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Anything else you want to add and/or share?

I created my business to makes seniors lives better and to help families who are in need of some respite services. I hope people can understand that recreation therapy is just as important as other professional service offered here.


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