While I can certainly can take photos that can used for passports, student cards, visas, citizenship cards, firearms license, or other applications, there are other options for photography in Parry Sound, Ontario.

In general, a Canadian passport photo involves following specific guidelines:

  1. Required dimensions, lighting, and positioning
  2. Photo is clear, in focus
  3. Free from any marks or blemishes
  4. Must also be taken within the last six months
  5. Neutral expression and directly face the camera

You can either visit a professional photographer (e.g., Peter Istvan Photography), or locations that take passport photos.

Where to take passport photos in Parry Sound?

Here is a list of places you might find by googling "passport photos near me": 

caa logo

 service canada logo

  • 74 James Street, 2nd Floor, Parry Sound, Ontario
  • 800-567-6868, 1 800-622-6232 (Toll-free within Canada and the USA)


transparent walmart logo

  • Walmart Photo Centre
  • 1 Pine Drive, Parry Sound, Ontario
  • 705-774-9300

      shoppers drug mart logo

    • 90 Bowes Street, Parry Sound, Ontario
    • 705-746-2932

      How to apply for a Canadian Passport?


      dimensions for a canadian passport photo

      Photo requirements for Canadian adult passports

      Read more here


      Photo requirements for Canadian child passports

      Read more here


      Can I take passport photo myself?

      If you adhere to the above guidelines. 

      Things to AVOID:

      1. Taking the photo in poor lighting conditions
      2. Using a flash, as it can cause glare or shadows 
      3. Using filters or editing software that alters the photo's appearance or color
      4. Wearing hats, headbands, or any other headwear that hides your face or hair
      5. Wearing glasses that have lenses that cause glare
      6. Wearing clothing with busy patterns/designs 
      7. Standing too close to the camera
      8. Tilting your head or making any facial expressions
      9. Taking the photo with a busy or cluttered background
      10. Finally, avoid submitting a photo that does not meet the specific guidelines and requirements as described above.


       If you have any questions, are still looking for a passport photo, or maybe considering something else, send me a note, using the form below.



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